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As a visitor, you can help protect the birds kept at CCEEC from bird flu. Here's what you should know!


Bird flu, also known as Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) is a virus that harms wild and domestic birds.

The risk to people is low, but the disease can kill hawks, eagles, and other birds.

On your next visit, please:

  • Stay outdoors and visit the birds along the boardwalk first

  • Come inside to see our building and displays after that

  • Do not return to the boardwalk after your time inside

If you have chickens, ducks, turkeys or other birds at home, OR if you're visiting to bring us a sick bird for rehabilitation, we ask you not to visit on the boardwalk at all.


Thank you for caring about the birds!

Want more information? Visit the CDC's page on HPAI.

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