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Our Staff

The staff consists of three full-time naturalists, part-time employees through county employment programs, interns and volunteers.

Susan Gallagher, Chief Naturalist

Sue is the "blood and guts" enthusiast on our staff. Her interest in life science is shared by many young visitors, so she's proud to make CCEEC a place where kids can not only connect with nature, but also learn what makes living things 'tick'. She believes firmly that every child should look inside a dead bird, catch a crayfish, and lose a sneaker in the mud.
Sue served as CCEEC's first intern in 1988, and was hired full-time in 1989, after receiving her BS in Environmental Studies from East Stroudsburg University. She is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and a member of WNEP-TV's “Pennsylvania Outdoor Life” field staff. Susan holds a seat on the PA Game Commission’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Council and is active in Carbon County's Nature and Commerce Committee.

She lives in Weatherly, where she enjoys all the hobbies of a true introvert-- reading, running, writing, and knitting. 

Jeannie Carl, Naturalist

Jeannie made the move to beautiful Carbon County in 1989, with her husband David, and son Andy.  Jeannie began volunteering at CCEEC in 1993, while pursuing a degree in elementary education at East Stroudsburg University. After graduating from ESU, and four LONG years of substitute teaching, Jeannie was hired as a full-time Naturalist at CCEEC in 1998.

"Educating people about reptiles is something of importance to me," Jeannie says. Her respect for all things scaly has earned her the nickname "Jeannie, Jeannie the Reptile Queenie."


Jeannie coordinates all reptile care at CCEEC, administers the Carbon County Environthon, plans the annual Conservation Camp, and coordinates teacher workshops. You can contact her to learn more about these and other CCEEC programs at

Franklin B. Klock II, Naturalist

Franklin began his career at CCEEC in the fall of 1993. He started as a volunteer helping with fundraisers, construction projects, educational programs and wildlife care.

In 1994, in order to comply with new Pennsylvania Game Commission rehabilitation laws, Franklin became the first Wildlife Capture and Transport Permit holder in the state. He later assisted in the revision of the test given to future permit holders.

Willingness to help others, love of the outdoors, woodworking skills, and experience as a veterinary technician, made Franklin a natural addition to our full-time staff in March of 2002. Franklin is also the center's primary eagle handler.


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